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Colour Flip

posted in Music, Love2d, Game at 12 September 2017

For a game jam hosted by the Guildford Game Jammers at Media Molecule, we made a game called Colour Flip!

look it's colour flip

Made by Kirsty and I, this is a local multiplayer game about capturing a flag without getting flipped onto the wrong colour. Each player can only travel on their colour. Every player has the ability to flip the colours in their row, column, or nearby to make a path they can travel on.

It features team selection, joystick integration (well, works with PS3 controllers for certain), music by me, art by me (as you can tell, I'm not that great at art), level selection (made after the jam by Kirsty) and a bunch of other features which you can find out by playing the game!

You Must Get The Atoms

posted in Game, Love2d, Music at 01 September 2017

You Must Get The Atoms is a puzzle game created in August 2013 during Ludum Dare 48 about collecting atoms, combining them to make compounds and using those to get through the levels (although if you play it you'll be able to tell that I don't have a chemistry background so some of the compounds do weird things, like CO conducts electricity? I think I confused C and Cu). The main mechanic involves swapping atoms you've collected around so they react with each other.

Playing it now I can see that the timer (there's a ten second timer for each level, as the theme of the game jam was "10 seconds") was very much bolted on and makes the game stupidly difficult, but it still includes some nice touches including a level editor, tutorial throughout the game and actual reasonable collision detection. I also did the music for it, which seems to get annoying after a while but I'm still proud of it.

You Must Get The Atoms screenshot

Song Of Sparks

posted in Love2d, Music, Game at 01 September 2017

Song Of Sparks is a game made for Mini Ludum Dare #43 in June 2013. In it, you create and move little sparks which float around the screen away from your cursor to create music. Each spark is an oscillator which plays a higher note the higher up it is on the screen. The sparks play in order from left to right, thus allowing you to create a sort-of melody by moving the sparks around. There's a story too. For this game I created the background music and did the audio programming that allowed the sparks to make the right pitches at the right time.

Song of Sparks